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It’s a miserable day here, rain, high winds, and a huge dog that’s frightened of it all.  Doesn’t make knitting very easy that’s for sure.  Hamish has decided that as well as being scared of sheep, horses, cows, bubble wrap and puppies, he’s also afraid of the wind…….hmmmm scardey dog!

On a side note, I’m working on the scarf for Max’s Christmas, you can’t really see in the picture, but there are oatmeal and white stripes as well as a blue one before the huge blue section.  Once the blue section is a decent enough length I will mirror the oatmeal/white/blue stripes at the other end.  This should go nicely with the oatmeal mittens and the blue snowflake hat.

Ordered a book on circluar knitting, really fancy trying knitting socks and Christmas stockings – had to buy circular needles too!  Can’t wait for it all to arrive as the circ. needle I have is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long/big to knit with, it’s like 100cm and I only need one that’s teeny for the socks etc lol

Discovered some fab craft blogs this morning, lots of printing & card ones as well as knitting ones – enjoying reading through the back posts – might get another cuppa and read a bit more


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Back from a long weekend away watching cars speeding round a race track, and I even managed to squeeze in a visit to a wool shop! 
The other half got a driving experience for his birthday, so being the lovely wife I am, I went along to film and photograph the entire experience for him. 

After that I headed off to Banchory to a wool shop where I had to treat myself to some Rico DK.  Started another item from the Christmas Knit list, a Christmas stocking.  I did have the idea to make a stocking for each member of the family as a sort of “gift bag” for their Christmas gifts.  Attempting to knit the stocking from a pattern in the free supplement of latest Knit Now magazine.

On a side note, my Dr Sheldon Cooper hasn’t arrived yet – boo!!

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Recently I’ve become addicted to Big Bang Theory and in particular Dr Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons), so much so that I just HAD to get a Sheldon for my desk at work!  Yes I know a grown woman should not be excited about this, but it’s just fantastic! tee hee

On a side note, as it’s payday…..it’s also shopping day!  Any suggestions of good wool shops out there?  Either leave me a comment on here or alternatively you can email me at tattoostars77@gmail.com

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That seems to be the general theme for me today!  Not that I’m complaining, that’s the best sort of day for me :). Packaged up a parcel of baby bonnets to send to The Woolly Brew for donating on to Ninewells Hospital – really pleased with how they came out.

Finished snowflake bonnet number 2 and will be trying to start on another item for the Christmas list ASAP.  Must upload some pictures tonight.

*** UPDATE ***
 Pictures as promised of all works to date *happy face*

Preemie Bonnet in blue & white

Preemie Bonnet in blue & teal

Preemie Bonnet in teal

Preemie bonnet in pale blue & pale green

Preemie Bonnet in purple & cream

Preemie bonnet in pink & cerise

Preemie Bonnet in pink & white

Preemie Bonnet in blue & cream

Preemie Bonnet in Rico DK Baby Rosa

Preemie Bonnet in lilac & white

Preemie bonnet in lilac & pink

Snowflake bonnet

Snowflake bonnet

Oatmeal bonnet

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So far I’m 1/3 through the second snowflake hat……and then I think it will be onto the next Christmas presents…..so far my list is:

  1. Snowflake hat for baby Max
  2. Bedsocks for Mam & Mother in Law
  3. Hat & Scarf set for Step Dad
  4. Beanie for Brother in Law
  5. Scarf and Beret for Sister in Law

Can’t think of anyone else that would apprecaite or make use of a knitted gift. 
Reminds me, need to get the sewing machine out and get all the “handmade” labels sewn up and ready to attach to all the finished creations

Pictures of all finished creations to follow!

Anyone got ideas of what else would make a good knitted gift? 

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Woohoo I’ve completed my first Christmas knit!!
It’s a lovely wee snowflake bonnet that I knitted from a pattern in Knit Now magazine 🙂 and I’m so pleased with it!  Just need to make another one in a slightly bigger size now………..

On a side note! My lovely husband bought me a slanket today so I can be wrapped up and warm and still knit – yay!!

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So cheery this morning when I found issue 13 of Knit Now on the door mat!  The free supplement with patterns for Christmas gifts is superb, I can’t wait to get knitting, though I need to go and buy more wool to do some of them.

Hamish and I took a lovely walk on the beach this afternoon, though it did get a bit windy for us, poor dog was being blown about!  Was funny to watch though.

Need to start knitting something now I think, might start on my Christmas gift list – wonder who’d like a scarf?! Tee hee……. Time to hit Ravelry methinks, see what pretty patterns there are on there that I can knit with the wool I have?!

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