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I did it, I got accepted on to the Sponsorship Scheme at work and they’re going to pay for me to study to become a Chartered Managment Accountant!  Granted it will take a couple of years and a lot of hard work, but I’m so excited!  It’s like something has fallen in to place and things make sense, I know what I want to be when I grow up and I know how to get there now…..like the light has gone on and I can actually see.
Only snag with the accountancy gig is that it’s gonna seriously eat into my knitting time…..hmmmm not sure I like that idea!

Knitted another pair of handwarmers for myself in aran this time instead of DK, gives them a bit more bulk and they’re in a gorgeous deep purple colour – handy in the mornings for the drive to work, steering wheel is cold and a metal gear knob is just too much for my wee hands!
Didn’t help that up until the weekend we had masses of bloody snow, driving in it isn’t fun.  At least I can be proud that I managed it, not bad for someone who’s only been driving for a few months – go me!

Quite  chuffed that we’ve got more interest in the knitting group at work, couple more lassies were speaking to me today about it.  Have said to them that I will bring spare pins and yarn so they can have a bash at knitting.  Will have to dig out my knitting bible book too, that way they can flick through that for help as well as asking the other knitters in the group for help. 

Very disjointed ramblings today, head’s all over the place……attention wandering all over the place.
Think I need to sort through the masses of wool in my collection, been considering selling some on ebay etc because I know I won’t knit with it, or I only bought it because it’s pretty and it’s a shame for it to sit in a box and never get knitted with……..

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The main themes of my weekend and week so far.  Feeing a bit ‘flu-ey just now, either that or it’s just a stinker of a cold coming on.   Either way I don’t want it so would appreciate if the yuck would just move on to the next person and leave me be.
The worst thing about having a cold or ‘flu is that with fibromyalgia it’s magnified a fair bit, so it’s like having a double dose of ‘flu. 
Fibromyalgia or FMS is a musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder coupled with so many symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • poor circulation – tingling, numbness or swelling in your hands and feet
  • headaches
  • irritability or feeling a bit down
  • forgetfulness or poor concentration
  • feeling an urgent need to urinate, especially at night
  • irritable or uncomfortable bowels (diarrhoea or constipation and abdominal pain)

FMS is also linked to numerous other conditions:

  • chronic tiredness 
  • headaches
  • joint pain in various parts of their body
  • restless leg syndrome, which causes spasms in either one or both legs (sometimes affects arms too)
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), which causes problems with the joint connecting the jawbone to their skull, resulting in pain in their jaw and areas nearby
  • hypothyroidism

The easist way to describe it to non-sufferers is….”think of the worst case of ‘flu you’ve ever had, and then multiply it by 100 and have that on a daily basis”
This “Letter to Normals” is a good descripton of a sufferer explaining to a non-sufferer Letter To Normals

This is the bit that gets me “Fibromyalgia doesn’t usually have any outward signs, so you may look well even when you’re in a lot of pain. As a result, other people may not appreciate the pain and tiredness you’re feeling.” Arthritis Research UK – Fibromyalgia
It can be quite upsetting when people think it’s psychosomatic, made up, all in your head.  I sometimes think that’s my Husband’s feelings about it, until he sees me lose grip of a bowl of soup and it scalds all down my front, or that I can’t open a bottle of juice, or pop my tablets out of the blister pack. 

Something I find that helps with the FMS is knitting……it gives me something to focus on, something to look forward to and something else to worry about.  It almost makes me forget for a while that I’m sore, that I’m stiff, tired and grumpy as hell.  
Trying to decide what to knit next……knitted some handwarmers for my mother in law yesterday, need to post mam’s hat to her, but I fancy making something for me……

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….you’re guarenteed to slip and fall on your arse, well if you’re me then it’s a dead cert!  Bloody snow and ice combined with a powerful dog do not make for a fun walk in the woods, much prefer walking the puppy, she doesn’t pull on her lead and she’s so light compared to the massive lump known as Hamish!

Working on a scarf at the moment with an interwoven sorta pattern to it, it looks really pretty, especially in Sirdar Crofter DK (Rambler Rose), mainly out of ends of wool from knitting hats,  Making it a narrow scarf, only 34 cast on, but it looks pretty.

Ran out of the chunky wool I was knitting a shawlette in, need to wait for more to arrive, it needs to hurry up!
Also trawling Ebay for knitting patterns, found some on Ravelry, but the ones I like are for Circ needles and I just can’t quite master the circs!  poop!

Was so proud on Tuesday, a dear friend passed an exam and is now a Chartered Management Accountant.  Fingers crossed I can get things sorted and start my CIMA soon and then I will be an Accountant too (here’s hoping!)

Need to find a memory card for the camera so I can get some pictures of the recent knits, 2 very pretty slouchy hats in Crofter DK, one in blues and one in pinks.  Wonder what I can knit next…..?! tee hee the list is endless, and I suppose I could start working on the knitted gifts to force on to people throughout the year!  mwhahahahahah

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Oppps it’s been a fair while hasn’t it?!  Been so busy with the new job I’ve been so terrible at keeping my knitting adventures updated.  Job is good, exhausting, but throughly enjoying it.  Learning new things all the time and taking on more challenges – which is good, keeps me busy, physically and mentally. 

Got a new member of the family….. meet Lily the puppy, she’s a Border Collie crossed with a Jack Russell.  Mad as anything but so loving and can cheer me up with one cocked headed look.

One of the lassies at work started up a knitting group, “knit and knatter” which has been a good giggle, nice to pop along and have a knit in the lunch hour and chat about nothing more than patterns, wool and craft in general.  

Got an amazing book with a Christmas gift voucher….
Can’t wait to knit a Nessie! 

Splurged on lots of wool over the past few months, can’t help it, there are so many lovely lovely wools out there and so many pretty things to knit! 
That reminds me, must photograph some of the recent random projects, if nothing else than for prosperity. 
Been knitting loads of random patches and squares for making a blanket – a project I’ve always wanted to do, and something to keep me busy.

Just started watching Revenge on E4…..can’t say I get it all that well, but sure it’s something to listen to whilst I knit.  Nowhere as good as The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother.

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