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As my CIMA CBA exam draws nearer I’m starting to question my abilities in the field of accountancy…is this what I want to do for the rest of my working life?  Can I pass this?  If I do manage to pass this exam will I fail the next one?  How many attempts will it take to pass it?  The list is endless of all the “what if” questions swarming through my head at the moment. 

Someone said to me to “just do your best”, but what if your best is not good enough?  

What if you invariably give your all to one area, but in-turn another slips?  Where do you go from there? 
If doing your best suggests giving it your all, does that therefore imply you’re muddling along at the best of times and just “giving it a go”?  Will feminists all over the world start raging if I say that this would not be an issue if we were in a society not unlike 50/60 years ago?  When all a woman had to worry about things such as what lipstick to wear?  What meal to cook her husband after his long day at work? 

Today’s career market is becoming increasingly competitive, women are vying with each other for promotion, benefits and glory instead of just men as was the case 10 years ago.  We have to cope with not only a male dominated workplace, but also the very real threat of female politics in some industries.  Surely there are positions aplenty for us all?  I can never see equal pay for both genders ever being settled when such inequality exists between women in the same positions.  Granted there are factors to take into account, but when it boils down to it, if Person A & Person B do the same job, then they should receive identical remittance -no?  No, we always want more, “I’ve been here 5 weeks longer than X”, “I do more than X”, “X doesn’t have to work late like I do” are just some of the incessant moans that arise between workers.  But do we want more to the detriment to our fellow man?  What qualifies us to receive significantly more than another?  In some instances, nothing more than a silly bit of paper saying you have “achieved” a mark in an exam, or have been “awarded” some degree in some field or another, something that illustrates your hard work and evidences your painstaking hours of study, sleeplessness and stress.  Something that shows you “did your best”.

So in essence, how important is it that you do your best?  Arguably it is of the utmost importance, to secure a good job, qualify for decent benefits and receive the most money you can possibly get.  Seems simple once you put it like that…….just a shame you have to suffer to get there. 

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Today has been quite the day for reflection and remembering….tomorrow, 6th July 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of quite possibly the worst disaster in the Oil Industry in the UK and maybe the World.  Piper Alpha had an overwhelming effect on the Industry, people at the time and generations to follow.
At 27 now, I was 2 at the time of the tragedy so wasn’t aware of the true extent of this life changing event, but as I’ve grown older I’ve learned the true extent of the tragedy and cannot fully comprehend the devastation the explosions on the rig caused. 
This morning at work, across each of our facilities members of staff watched Remembering Piper Alpha – a powerful and moving video, which left an entire room silent for over 5 minutes once it had ended.  Grown men stood in solemn silence, eyes clearly a little damp and many of us tried to clear our throats, a catch clearly evident when we tried to discuss what we had seen as we returned to our desks and meetings.

This is an event that we can never forget, so many lives lost but never forgotten.  So many men – husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, nephews, friends, the list is endless were wiped out in 22 minutes….22 minutes is nothing….yet so many lives were cruelly snatched away in that short space of time.

Even with the advancements and improvements in the Industry over the past 25 years, part of me wants to stop friends and family going to work offshore, keep them on land where it’s safer.  A very interesting point was made today at the viewing by one of our safety advisers, when he was asked if there was potential for a repeat of Piper Alpha, alarmingly he said yes.  There are hydrocarbon releases all the time, some worse that those that sparked the first explosions offshore, but LUCK has meant no explosions, valves have kicked in, or alarms have gone off…..luck….luck?!  25 years on and we’re being saved by luck.  Granted no world will be perfect, there won’t be a 100% guarantee that everyone will be safe because of some super duper safety system, but it’d be nice to think that our people are safe offshore.

Its a dangerous job, a dangerous industry, but whilst there’s a need for North Sea Oil and Gas, people will be offshore on the installations montioring, logging, cementing, etc etc to get the fuel to us.

Pound For Piper is an initiative that was launched to maintain the commemorative statue and gardens here in Aberdeen.  I applaud the people that set this up, they’ve shown a great deal of consideration to the families involved, they want to preserve the statute and gardens so that others can appreciate them.  Amazingly, it was set up with a year target, and I think they’re doing well – check them out of Facebook 

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Been a while……always forget about this until I’m on the PC and then never remember my account password to log in….oops

Can’t say there’s been much happening in the world of The Quiet Knitter recently, lots of work, some knitting and a birthday.  Yes that’s right, I had one, another year older, none the wiser but now a year closer to becoming a responsible grown up…..maybe, maybe not.

I’ve been working on an ongoing project for the past 6 or so months, using up spare balls of wool or odd ends to make a quilt/blanket for the puppy….she’s almost 1 now, so thinking I might have to get a move on with it.  Have to get some pictures up of it.  Also been working on the Hats for Maternity Hospital project we started at work – must get the donation bundled up and delivered! 

 A recent project – baby “T bag” hat with crochet flowers all done in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (a recent discovery woolwise!) 

Lily the puppy modelling another of the “T bag” hats, this time in newborn size – silly puppy wasn’t moving once the hat was sewn up so she ended up wearing it before it got cleaned and left out for gentle blocking.  Doesn’t she look fab!? 

And just to be fabulous, my wonderful “bestie” gave me the most amazing birthday gift!  There are all manner of patterns in there, a frog outfit, superdog….the list goes on, the pictures are lovely and it was such a thoughtful gift – wonder which dog I can torture with a knitted costume first?!

Alas, I can hear the textbooks calling – study time again, tea is drunk, biscuits were dunked and eaten – until next time……

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