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Well fine, ok, Afternoon then to be correct.
Guess what?!  I messed up on the turn stitches on the heel of my sock so ended up ripping it all apart and starting again – surprise surprise eh!?  But the good thing is that it made me look for another pattern to try (feel I’ve attempted this current pattern too often now!) and found one that I really can’t wait to start on this lovely page Susan B Anderson’s Blog.  It’s written in such a way that even I can make sense of it and can understand it without having to sit and stare at it for a few minutes thinking “so what is it I actually have to do here?!”, so all I need to do now is get the time to actually cast on and knit!

Yesterday was a good family day, we went to the local railway museum (which is only open April to October for one weekend a month) and had a look around.  We’ve lived here almost a year and that’s the first time we’ve actually been down to the museum.  It was pretty interesting, and it was really nice to see the collection that had been saved by the people of the village, as well as the items that had been loaned by the Council etc.  It’s nice to have the heritage and learn what the village had been like before the lines were closed in 1979.  We also had a look at the Anderson Shelter they had there and heard the sound track of the bombing…..Didn’t much like that, the shelter as you’d expect was very claustrophobic and you never really know just how “dark” the dark is until you’re stood in it and your imagination starts to run away from you, thankfully I had my husband here to make fun of me for being spooked out by it all.   

(Image: taken at the Maud Railway Museum by us)

 We even took a walk about the village and explored bits we’d not been to see yet.  I tend to take the pram along the same routes through the village, I know that certain routes will make up a mile or so in distance so use that as a means of keep fit (as well as chasing after a baby careering around the house in a baby walker!) but it was nice to see where the old hospital was in the village, and looked it up online once we were home.  I hadn’t known it was a Poor House and is actually a Listed Building.  It’s such a shame it’s sitting empty at the moment (it has been up for sale since closure in 2008).  More information can be found on Google about it or via the Local Council Website

(Image: http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/smrpub/shire/photo/NJ94NW0115/NJ94NW0115_001.jpg)

In the afternoon, we had a chill out at home, got some jobs done in the house and garden and then took the munchkin out on her wee trike, up and down the street.  Think it’s fair to say she loved it, all you could hear above the noise of the plastic wheels of the trike was her shrieks of delight and squeals of happiness as we went haring up and down the street and lots of “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees” from her.  It’s moments like that that make my heart swell with pride and make me realise how lucky I am.  

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For a City girl, living in the country is strange.

It’s quiet for a start, and that’s just not “normal” in my book.

Granted,  you hear the rumble of tractors and their trailers passing through the village, and you hear kids playing in the local park sometimes but there’s no planes overhead, no traffic, no people, no sirens and no general buzz like there is in the City.  And I’m not sure I like that.

 (Image: http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/deer/maud/images/memorial-450.jpg)

It doesn’t help that out here they don’t speak English….well in any recognisable form.  I’m all for local dialects and regional accents, I love language and still trying to add to my repertoire (still trying to learn Russian when I get a chance), but out here I just don’t stand a chance understanding what’s said half the time!

  (Image: http://media.scotslanguage.com/library/image/medium/blank%2Bmuckle.JPG)

If you want a linguistic chuckle, might I suggest looking at the Doric Guide pdf on this website
Doric guide it gives a painful idea of the words used out here and what they mean, granted not all teuchter words are listed!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice being out here, but at the same time its infuriatingly still.  I’ve been out with the pram so many times and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen someone (hell I’d be able to count it even if I lost a few fingers!).  Its fair to say that not a lot happens in small villages, unless you’re part of the “in crowd” and know everyone and all their plans. I think whilst monkey child is still small it will be hard being in a small community, as there’s little you can really do here with under 1s.  Once she’s nursery school age and primary school age things will be easier as she will be going off and forming her own friendships and meeting her peers.  Whereas at the moment, the eternal introvert she has for a mother is hesitant to join in.  I touched upon the idea briefly in a previous post that moving house whilst pregnant to a rural setting was hard, and this is very true.
Pregnancy is hard work, moving house is hard work (unless both coincide at the same time and you’re due to give birth 4 weeks after you move so you’re not allowed to do anything but make the tea and rest), but settling in to a new community is hard.  Suddenly you’re surrounded by new people, a new place and its all oh so unfamiliar, throw in the new baby and hey presto you feel like you’re in the setting of a Tim Burton movie!  It’s almost like being the new kid at school, everyone you encounter is polite enough, but you can’t help but feel like people are trying to work out who you are and what your story is.  And if I could understand half of what they say I’d be more than happy to tell them, but alas they start with the local speak and I’m at a loss.  I can’t wait for monkey baby to grow up so she can translate for me.

I love my house, I love that my little one can grow up in such a safe surrounding and I love the fact that this wee village is walk-able on foot so nothing is ever too far away, but at the same time I miss the City.  I miss the convenience of the City, I miss the sites (and what bloody sites they were!), I don’t miss the smells of the City (especially if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction!) I miss being surrounded by people I could understand!

(Image: http://www.visitscotland.com/cms-images/5×3-large/regions/aberdeen-city-shire/the-granite-city)

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