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As my CIMA CBA exam draws nearer I’m starting to question my abilities in the field of accountancy…is this what I want to do for the rest of my working life?  Can I pass this?  If I do manage to pass this exam will I fail the next one?  How many attempts will it take to pass it?  The list is endless of all the “what if” questions swarming through my head at the moment. 

Someone said to me to “just do your best”, but what if your best is not good enough?  

What if you invariably give your all to one area, but in-turn another slips?  Where do you go from there? 
If doing your best suggests giving it your all, does that therefore imply you’re muddling along at the best of times and just “giving it a go”?  Will feminists all over the world start raging if I say that this would not be an issue if we were in a society not unlike 50/60 years ago?  When all a woman had to worry about things such as what lipstick to wear?  What meal to cook her husband after his long day at work? 

Today’s career market is becoming increasingly competitive, women are vying with each other for promotion, benefits and glory instead of just men as was the case 10 years ago.  We have to cope with not only a male dominated workplace, but also the very real threat of female politics in some industries.  Surely there are positions aplenty for us all?  I can never see equal pay for both genders ever being settled when such inequality exists between women in the same positions.  Granted there are factors to take into account, but when it boils down to it, if Person A & Person B do the same job, then they should receive identical remittance -no?  No, we always want more, “I’ve been here 5 weeks longer than X”, “I do more than X”, “X doesn’t have to work late like I do” are just some of the incessant moans that arise between workers.  But do we want more to the detriment to our fellow man?  What qualifies us to receive significantly more than another?  In some instances, nothing more than a silly bit of paper saying you have “achieved” a mark in an exam, or have been “awarded” some degree in some field or another, something that illustrates your hard work and evidences your painstaking hours of study, sleeplessness and stress.  Something that shows you “did your best”.

So in essence, how important is it that you do your best?  Arguably it is of the utmost importance, to secure a good job, qualify for decent benefits and receive the most money you can possibly get.  Seems simple once you put it like that…….just a shame you have to suffer to get there. 

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Right, lets see if my computer decides to freeze on me mid post………last entry I’d managed to get most of it written when the PC decided to throw a wobbler and not do as it was told…..stupid machine!
Where was I??  Well last week I started Boxercise classes – goodness knows why I thought it would be a good idea…..but I signed up and went along and really enjoyed it.  Was hard work, but definitely worth it, was feeling the effects still on Saturday and the class was on Thursday! 

We also went for a walk around Ellon Ellon Circular Walk Information

It was a really lovely walk and so lovely as it’s the area my husband grew up in so he could tell me all about bits and pieces and point out where he used to go play etc.  The dogs certainly seemed to like it, and it was nice to spend time with my in-laws as they’d just come back from a week away in Spain. 

The Knitting Group at work is going well, we’ve got a good 8 or so people interested, and others coming up with fab ideas for charities and projects to look into.  We’ve got a good collection of hats and mittens to donate to the local maternity hospital, as well as some charities that accept handmade goods.  I’m really pleased with the contributions and the eager people wanting to join in. 
Can’t seem to get the pictures to upload at the moment……but we have some lovely hats in a variety of colours and patterns – everyone is desperate to create something different from the same pattern and to make their own stamp on the items – it’s touching to see the pride everyone takes in their work.

We seem to be having a heat wave here at the moment, its been in the 20ish degrees and slightly lower since Saturday – pretty unheard of here!  Usually we’ve got rain, grey skies and well gales! ahahaha up until a few months ago we had regular snow showers and weather chaos!  I know it won’t continue, but it’s lovely to see the sun again!

Must get some pictures uploaded when I can of all the lovely items we have to donate to the hospital and to charity.
Right, back to the finance lectures……..*yawn*

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Recently a colleague and I discovered a mutual love of knitting and she ended up setting up a knitting group for all levels of knitters (and natter-ers).  In the last week or so we came up with the idea of a knitting challenge for the group – knitting baby bonnets for the local maternity hospital.  A good way to test our skills and a break from knitting scarves etc we created a couple of patterns that should be easy enough to follow and produce a lovely wee hat once completed.

So far I have managed to create a few wee hats and have tried to have them as cheerful as possible in colour, some have stripes, some are standard one colour and I am keen to see what the other ladies in the group have managed to come up with.   I think knitting something for a good cause is a fabulous idea, it’s helping someone out, letting you practice a skill you have and at the end of the day gives you the satisfaction that you’ve done something good in this world – nothing beats that feeling.

If anyone out there knows of any good simple patterns please do let me know, I would love to pass them on to the group at work, I think we might make this charity knit a regular thing, try to do one per Quarter – maybe Hats for Hero’s next…?  I found a fab page of Facebook for a charity knitting donation group PreemiesUK  a fab page and definitely worth a look!

On a more personal note, been having a hectic time at work, been slaving away over spreadsheets and boggling my mind with accountancy studies……jeepers I didn’t think it would be so hard!  I think I must have been really lucky in life so far when it came to studies, I’ve never had to work for anything and it’s always come naturally, but now with accountancy, I REALLY have to work at it and it’s beginning to take it’s tole 😦
Have found that Zumba is a good distraction, a good friend and I go on a Tuesday evening and dance and shimmey our way through an hour or so’s worth of music and giggle the whole time – definitely does good for the body and soul.  We must be mad though because we’ve just signed up for Boxercise classes too!!    I’ll be fit and kicking FMS into touch in no time!!  Then the long term plan can begin!

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I did it, I got accepted on to the Sponsorship Scheme at work and they’re going to pay for me to study to become a Chartered Managment Accountant!  Granted it will take a couple of years and a lot of hard work, but I’m so excited!  It’s like something has fallen in to place and things make sense, I know what I want to be when I grow up and I know how to get there now…..like the light has gone on and I can actually see.
Only snag with the accountancy gig is that it’s gonna seriously eat into my knitting time…..hmmmm not sure I like that idea!

Knitted another pair of handwarmers for myself in aran this time instead of DK, gives them a bit more bulk and they’re in a gorgeous deep purple colour – handy in the mornings for the drive to work, steering wheel is cold and a metal gear knob is just too much for my wee hands!
Didn’t help that up until the weekend we had masses of bloody snow, driving in it isn’t fun.  At least I can be proud that I managed it, not bad for someone who’s only been driving for a few months – go me!

Quite  chuffed that we’ve got more interest in the knitting group at work, couple more lassies were speaking to me today about it.  Have said to them that I will bring spare pins and yarn so they can have a bash at knitting.  Will have to dig out my knitting bible book too, that way they can flick through that for help as well as asking the other knitters in the group for help. 

Very disjointed ramblings today, head’s all over the place……attention wandering all over the place.
Think I need to sort through the masses of wool in my collection, been considering selling some on ebay etc because I know I won’t knit with it, or I only bought it because it’s pretty and it’s a shame for it to sit in a box and never get knitted with……..

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