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So rare that I write anything of a personal nature in here any more, I seem to have devoted all my thinking and writing time to books recently, never a bad thing in my opinion.  Can’t beat a good book, unless it’s a GREAT book!  There are so many that can fall into either category for me recently, really go check out some of the reviews if you don’t believe me.

Recently, I achieved something huge, maybe not huge for some people, but for me surviving my first year of motherhood was immense.

It was challenge I couldn’t prepare enough for.
I’m the sort of person that decides that I will start something so I get my hands on all the information possible about that topic and learn everything.
Lets for instance say, paragliding, I will scour the net for information, be it books, articles written in blogs, magazines, forums, personal stories and mishaps, will hunt out expert opinions, and then from there, what equipment is best to use, what are the pitfalls, what are the dangers and the things to watch out for, what locations are best, how best to practice and learn the skills needed, what to expect….the list goes on and on but you get the idea right?  All the pregnancy books and magazines etc gave me an idea of what to expect growing a bump and how labour would be either the best moment of my life or the worst etc but nothing really prepared me for life with a human monkey child.

I absolutely adore my child, she’s funny, beautiful, clever, an incredibly fast learner and great company, but sometimes I look at her and wonder what she’s making of everything.  Does she know that most of the time I make it up as I go along?  I remember my mum telling me often “there is no big book of life, you just have to make it up as you go along and hope you’re doing it right” and my word she was right!!  Just because the wee angel round the corner can balance on her hands and speak 12 languages before the age of 1 (slight exaggeration there, using artistic license) doesn’t mean that every child will do that. 
But none of that makes up for the moments of self doubt, or the panic that you might not be doing things right.  When you see “super parents” in the media you instantly worry and compare yourself to them.  It’s the same when it comes to most things, you see the celebs etc in the media and instantly think badly about yourself.  I try to remind myself that the reason you don’t see them with dried weetabix on their t shirt or baby drool all over the shoulder of their shirt is that they have people paid to make them look good in public.  Whereas I have to make the monkey child look presentable, ensure she’s got a clean nappy on, not managed to cover her face with food of some sort and if I have the energy, make sure I’ve brushed my hair.  Who am I kidding?  My hair is usually scraped back in a ponytail to keep it out of reach from sticky fingers that like to pull it. 

Motherhood isn’t the easiest job in the world, and quite honestly it’s far from the hardest.  There are times that it feels like the hardest job on the planet, but it’s a worthwhile job, you get to nurture this little person, see them grow and develop, see their character emerge and watch with joy as they achieve their own milestones. 
The early days of motherhood were some of the hardest I’ve lived through so far, knowing what to do was a major problem.  Suddenly I was home with this little person and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, exhaustion was sapping any reserves of energy I might have had and hormones were just jangling like little alarm bells warning that tears were inevitable.  But thankfully I had a good support network, my husband was invaluable, just being there to change a nappy when I didn’t have the strength to get up, or taking the wee one to rock her to sleep (or wander about the house in the dark pleading with the wee monster to go to sleep) so I could get a few hours here and there. 
But we got through those tough early days, we made it past the scary stages of the monkey trying to pull herself up on anything and any one, past the confusion of weaning, and now we get to look forward to the joys of potty training, talking (more than just a few simple words at a time), making more of a mess and generally just being a monkey.  But, I really can’t wait, it’s a fun adventure, and  best of all, I get to spend it with this amazing person.

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The song jumped into my head the other day in one of those deep thinking philosophical moments.  Village life can be quite lonely, in a “you don’t see many people going about” sort of way, but then as it’s the school holidays I don’t suspect that many people will be in the village, instead opting for a summer break whilst they can.

Last week was one of those where you think about doing a whole list of things, but actually when it gets down to it, you do none of them but instead enjoy just doing what you can.  Monkey child is finding her feet, which as cute as it is, is somewhat slightly alarming now that nothing will be safe ever again!!  Poor dogs are running scared of the crawling monster that tries to chase them, I am her usual choice of climbing frame (oh joy!) and she is standing and pulling herself up at every opportunity that presents itself.  I did jokingly say to family that I think she’d be walking before she was 1, but I’d really like her to stop being all grown up and be my wee baby again hahaha
I’m still in disbelief that my little baby will be 1 in less than 2 months now, where has this past year gone!?

Did something brave today, came back from our usual walk round the village and decided that I’d go grab the car keys and we’d head to the next village to get cream for the red bit under the teething monster’s chin.  This is big for me, I don’t tend to get in the car unless I plan where I’m going, know exactly where I’m going, that there’s space to park and so on and so on (see a trend here!?) but anyway we did it, got in the car and headed to the pharmacy.  Cue the panic at the tight bends in the next village,  having to pull in between cars to let people passed on the narrow streets, then parking in a car park that was new and narrow so a 9 point turn was needed to turn the car round and park somewhere that no one else would park beside me haha but I did it, and it’s a victory for me.  It may seem silly, but I really am proud of that, it took courage to do it, and right now I’m low on courage.  There are too many “mood hoovers*” out there who would dampen that moment for me but to them, I say a resounding childish “pffffffffffffffffffffft!”

Whilst I was too lazy to blog anything last week I did stumble upon some interesting tweets and have offered to review a book on this ol’ blog.  Always toyed with the idea of writing reviews of the copious books I’ve read, so embarking on a literary journey as well as a rambling (sometimes knitted related) – wish me luck!

Once the copy of What Milo Saw arrives I’ll have a review posted asap!

*to quote a friend of mine, she hit the nail on the head with that phrase.

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Well fine, ok, Afternoon then to be correct.
Guess what?!  I messed up on the turn stitches on the heel of my sock so ended up ripping it all apart and starting again – surprise surprise eh!?  But the good thing is that it made me look for another pattern to try (feel I’ve attempted this current pattern too often now!) and found one that I really can’t wait to start on this lovely page Susan B Anderson’s Blog.  It’s written in such a way that even I can make sense of it and can understand it without having to sit and stare at it for a few minutes thinking “so what is it I actually have to do here?!”, so all I need to do now is get the time to actually cast on and knit!

Yesterday was a good family day, we went to the local railway museum (which is only open April to October for one weekend a month) and had a look around.  We’ve lived here almost a year and that’s the first time we’ve actually been down to the museum.  It was pretty interesting, and it was really nice to see the collection that had been saved by the people of the village, as well as the items that had been loaned by the Council etc.  It’s nice to have the heritage and learn what the village had been like before the lines were closed in 1979.  We also had a look at the Anderson Shelter they had there and heard the sound track of the bombing…..Didn’t much like that, the shelter as you’d expect was very claustrophobic and you never really know just how “dark” the dark is until you’re stood in it and your imagination starts to run away from you, thankfully I had my husband here to make fun of me for being spooked out by it all.   

(Image: taken at the Maud Railway Museum by us)

 We even took a walk about the village and explored bits we’d not been to see yet.  I tend to take the pram along the same routes through the village, I know that certain routes will make up a mile or so in distance so use that as a means of keep fit (as well as chasing after a baby careering around the house in a baby walker!) but it was nice to see where the old hospital was in the village, and looked it up online once we were home.  I hadn’t known it was a Poor House and is actually a Listed Building.  It’s such a shame it’s sitting empty at the moment (it has been up for sale since closure in 2008).  More information can be found on Google about it or via the Local Council Website

(Image: http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/smrpub/shire/photo/NJ94NW0115/NJ94NW0115_001.jpg)

In the afternoon, we had a chill out at home, got some jobs done in the house and garden and then took the munchkin out on her wee trike, up and down the street.  Think it’s fair to say she loved it, all you could hear above the noise of the plastic wheels of the trike was her shrieks of delight and squeals of happiness as we went haring up and down the street and lots of “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees” from her.  It’s moments like that that make my heart swell with pride and make me realise how lucky I am.  

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Recently a colleague and I discovered a mutual love of knitting and she ended up setting up a knitting group for all levels of knitters (and natter-ers).  In the last week or so we came up with the idea of a knitting challenge for the group – knitting baby bonnets for the local maternity hospital.  A good way to test our skills and a break from knitting scarves etc we created a couple of patterns that should be easy enough to follow and produce a lovely wee hat once completed.

So far I have managed to create a few wee hats and have tried to have them as cheerful as possible in colour, some have stripes, some are standard one colour and I am keen to see what the other ladies in the group have managed to come up with.   I think knitting something for a good cause is a fabulous idea, it’s helping someone out, letting you practice a skill you have and at the end of the day gives you the satisfaction that you’ve done something good in this world – nothing beats that feeling.

If anyone out there knows of any good simple patterns please do let me know, I would love to pass them on to the group at work, I think we might make this charity knit a regular thing, try to do one per Quarter – maybe Hats for Hero’s next…?  I found a fab page of Facebook for a charity knitting donation group PreemiesUK  a fab page and definitely worth a look!

On a more personal note, been having a hectic time at work, been slaving away over spreadsheets and boggling my mind with accountancy studies……jeepers I didn’t think it would be so hard!  I think I must have been really lucky in life so far when it came to studies, I’ve never had to work for anything and it’s always come naturally, but now with accountancy, I REALLY have to work at it and it’s beginning to take it’s tole 😦
Have found that Zumba is a good distraction, a good friend and I go on a Tuesday evening and dance and shimmey our way through an hour or so’s worth of music and giggle the whole time – definitely does good for the body and soul.  We must be mad though because we’ve just signed up for Boxercise classes too!!    I’ll be fit and kicking FMS into touch in no time!!  Then the long term plan can begin!

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That seems to be the general theme for me today!  Not that I’m complaining, that’s the best sort of day for me :). Packaged up a parcel of baby bonnets to send to The Woolly Brew for donating on to Ninewells Hospital – really pleased with how they came out.

Finished snowflake bonnet number 2 and will be trying to start on another item for the Christmas list ASAP.  Must upload some pictures tonight.

*** UPDATE ***
 Pictures as promised of all works to date *happy face*

Preemie Bonnet in blue & white

Preemie Bonnet in blue & teal

Preemie Bonnet in teal

Preemie bonnet in pale blue & pale green

Preemie Bonnet in purple & cream

Preemie bonnet in pink & cerise

Preemie Bonnet in pink & white

Preemie Bonnet in blue & cream

Preemie Bonnet in Rico DK Baby Rosa

Preemie Bonnet in lilac & white

Preemie bonnet in lilac & pink

Snowflake bonnet

Snowflake bonnet

Oatmeal bonnet

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So far I’m 1/3 through the second snowflake hat……and then I think it will be onto the next Christmas presents…..so far my list is:

  1. Snowflake hat for baby Max
  2. Bedsocks for Mam & Mother in Law
  3. Hat & Scarf set for Step Dad
  4. Beanie for Brother in Law
  5. Scarf and Beret for Sister in Law

Can’t think of anyone else that would apprecaite or make use of a knitted gift. 
Reminds me, need to get the sewing machine out and get all the “handmade” labels sewn up and ready to attach to all the finished creations

Pictures of all finished creations to follow!

Anyone got ideas of what else would make a good knitted gift? 

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Woohoo I’ve completed my first Christmas knit!!
It’s a lovely wee snowflake bonnet that I knitted from a pattern in Knit Now magazine 🙂 and I’m so pleased with it!  Just need to make another one in a slightly bigger size now………..

On a side note! My lovely husband bought me a slanket today so I can be wrapped up and warm and still knit – yay!!

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Since I’ve been put on Garden Leave from work I decided to fill my time wisely, so I’m catching up on old movies and knitting…..never a bad combination!  Following on from the previous post, I’ve been working away on the Preemie Bonnets…..rather proud of them, even if I say so myself tee hee

What do you think?  I even made a wee pair of mittens to go with one of the hats 🙂 

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The Woolly Brew: tiny hats update: We’ve got 35 hats for Ninewells in Dundee!

Been knitting away like mad recently after seeing this on The Woolly Brew’s website.  Its for a fabulous cause and a good way to clear out the wool stash!

It’s got me thinking about what other organisations out there would appreciate charitable knitted donations?  Worth having a look in the local area methinks!

On a side note, been working on a patchwork blanket with a difference.  Recently got hold of some samples of 200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws and afghans so been trying new techniques and seaming them together to make a funky blanket – it will always do for the dog or even in the caravan if it gets too chilly.

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