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Published: 5 December 2016
Reviewed: 26 January 2017

4 out of 5 stars

Copy provided by Oldcastle Books


I don’t really want to say too much about the plot, it’s very clever constructed so to give away any of the subtle nuances would spoil it for other readers.

What I really liked about this one was the way in which Luke McCallin took details of Berlin’s history and wove them tightly with a thrilling plot where spy networks and undercover agents appeared.  Being able to transport the reader to the rundown scenes in Berlin at that time is incredibly powerful, the war damaged buildings loom on every street, the distrust towards ‘informers’ and occupying nationals is evident through the writing and offers the reader a glimpse into a world they may not have experienced.

Reinhardt is a very well constructed character, a very richly detailed character that McCallin has taken great time and care over.  The back story for Reinhardt is interesting and makes him easier to connect with, his guilt and fear are palpable.  His constant struggle with trying to do the right thing makes for engrossing reading.

I was surprised to find out this was actually the third book to feature this character and will definitely be going back to read the previous two books.  I felt there was a ‘Bernie Gunther’ sort of ethos to this, which personally was a good thing as I really like Philip Kerr’s books.  This can definitely be read as a stand alone, there is more than enough detail given about Reinhardt to form opinions of the character and his personality etc.

Overall an enjoyable read, a slow burner that has just the right amount of thriller, intrigue and menace.

My thanks to Oldcastle Books and No Exit Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.

You can buy a copy of “The Ashes of Berlin” here.

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A Slow Death

Author : James Craig
Published: 10 September 2015
Reviewed: 16 September 2015

What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor

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  4 (& 1/2) out of 5 stars



Berlin 1990.

“I just love the smell of tear gas in the evening…”

The Wall has fallen and Berlin is a magnet for criminals and protestors from all over Germany and the rest of Europe.

When a seemingly ordinary family are slaughtered in their home, Kriminalinspektor Max Drescher finds himself up against a ruthless Mafia clan trying to establish its operations in the newly reunited city.

Max has problems of his own but knowing this could be his last case, the veteran detective will stop at nothing to get a result.

Berlin, post Wall is a seedy, grubby, dark and dangerous place for everyone, especially for those instilling law and order into an archaic society.
Kriminalinspektor Max Drescher, far from a German version of Poirot is more like a German Rebus, he drinks, he smokes and he doesn’t strictly play by the rules, but the results are there for anyone to see.  Max has his own demons and problems, but that doesn’t stop him trying to solve what will end up being his final case as a Kriminalinspektor.  The mentions of Max’s past and the memories he draws up are very well written, hinting at more but giving nothing away, but you read on hoping more is given away about him.

Keen not to spoil the book for other readers, I will say there are twists and turns in this novel that will keep you glued to it.

The characters are well written in this novel, physical descriptions are very good, as are the personalities given to each, you can imagine the stubborn streak in some characters, but there are times when the reader can sympathise with the plight of a character or relate to them.

I really liked the use of German in the book, it wakened the dormant German language in my brain and soon I was translating the German in my head and excitedly checking that it was right when it appeared in English in the next sentence.  The use of the language added that little “something extra” to me and seemed to authenticate that it was set in Germany.

A small note about the publisher too, the quirky marketing tactics used to drum up interest in this book were definitely different from other publishers out there, and I have to admit that it piqued my interest seeing the good humoured back and forth between the writer and the publisher as it made for good entertainment as well as making the novel stand out to me, so much so that I pre-ordered it and waited (not so) patiently for publication and download onto my Kindle!  I think that James Craig is definitely an author to watch for the next in the series of Max Drescher, but also Fahrenheit Press to see what crime novels they come out with next!

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Fiction, Mystery, Crime and Thrillers.

A copy can be purchased here A Slow Death (UK Kindle Version)

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Updated link for book purchase 

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