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My Sheldon Cooper bobble head arrived! *happy dance* and at the moment I’m watching the episode where Sheldon plays the bongos!  It’s so funny 🙂

On another note, 2 days into my new job and I’m loving it.  The people are so nice and the place is very swanky 🙂  Been working on the scarf for my mother in law, it’s still not finished, but I really need to block it, it’s curling up and it’s beginning to bug me lol 
Got some green wool to knit a scarf for step-dad’s Chrismas, and all the circular needles I ordered on ebay arrived today, so I can’t wait to get cracking on some socks etc *big smiles*
I really want to buy some Sugar ‘n’ Cream Yarn to attempt knitting washing up cloths, and I was thinking of attempting some other wee accessories…..shall see how that goes.

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So far this morning has consisted of Storage Wars, American Pickers, Tea and Knitting, not entirely a bad morning as far as I’m concerned.  Making the most of my penultimate lazy day, officially my Garden Leave finishes tomorrow and I can legally start my new job on Wednesday *happy dance*  An entire month of nothingness is driving me crazy!

Worked on some simple mittens with crochet flowers sewn on to them yesterday, need to remember to take pictures of them and post them later on.  At the moment, I’m working on a “diamond brocade” scarf as another Xmas Present, the list is doing well, Max’s snowflake and contrast set is done (just needs to be blocked etc), Kenzie’s mittens and ribbon detail hat are done.

Last week I splurged on new buttons for my stash *yipee* and some vintage looking luggage tags/gift tags for attaching to all the Xmas gifts – can’t wait!

Discovered a fantastic blog randomly last night One Sheepish Girl, it’s a lovely blog and so inspiring!  Definitely worth a read.

On an excited note, my Dr Sheldon Cooper bobble head has been dispatched!  Wooooohoooo means I can take him for my new desk this week *happy dance*

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Back from a long weekend away watching cars speeding round a race track, and I even managed to squeeze in a visit to a wool shop! 
The other half got a driving experience for his birthday, so being the lovely wife I am, I went along to film and photograph the entire experience for him. 

After that I headed off to Banchory to a wool shop where I had to treat myself to some Rico DK.  Started another item from the Christmas Knit list, a Christmas stocking.  I did have the idea to make a stocking for each member of the family as a sort of “gift bag” for their Christmas gifts.  Attempting to knit the stocking from a pattern in the free supplement of latest Knit Now magazine.

On a side note, my Dr Sheldon Cooper hasn’t arrived yet – boo!!

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Recently I’ve become addicted to Big Bang Theory and in particular Dr Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons), so much so that I just HAD to get a Sheldon for my desk at work!  Yes I know a grown woman should not be excited about this, but it’s just fantastic! tee hee

On a side note, as it’s payday…..it’s also shopping day!  Any suggestions of good wool shops out there?  Either leave me a comment on here or alternatively you can email me at tattoostars77@gmail.com

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