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Fear Dreams 

Author: Joyce Schneider
Published: 28 March 2016
Reviewed: 15 August 2016
4.5 out of 5 stars
Copy supplied by author in return for an honest review
A sensitive woman fearing insanity… Liddy Barron, an artist, was injured in a hit-and-run accident that left her with recurring nightmares, gaps in her memory, and an increasing obsession in the disappearance of a coed named Sasha Perry. 
Was Sasha murdered? Liddy’s turmoil grows as she begins seeing ghostly images. 
Her husband Paul, a scientist, tries to help but insists it’s just her imagination…while intuitive Detective Kerri Blasco, also obsessed with young Sasha’s disappearance, senses that Liddy may have a key to solving the case, and tries to unravel the shocking truth of what really haunts her. 
My Thoughts & Review: 
When I was contacted by the author of this novel I was immediately intrigued by the description of the story and jumped at the chance to read and review this.  Despite being billed as a psychological thriller, this novel touches on several genres (and does so very cleverly), there is suspense, mystery, and a supernatural element all running alongside one another.  

Narrated by Liddy Barron, an artist struggling to regain her memory and psychical health after a horrendous hit and run accident, and Kerri Blasco, a detective investigating the disappearance of a college student named Sasha Perry.  The author cleverly weaves these two seemingly unrelated tales together, holding the reader in the dark until she is ready to reveal just how they join together.  
Liddy is an odd character, you want to feel sympathy towards her because of the accident, her struggles to recover but at times I wanted to shake her.  Her slow slump into madness was very well written, and fascinating to read.  Leaving little clues to keep the reader guessing if she was really losing her mind, hallucinating or actually seeing these things. 
Detective Kerri was absolutely brilliant, perhaps a perfect character to do a spin off series with in the future.  She is well crafted, the reader gets a feel for this character and how she genuinely seems to care about people.  The friendship that developed between the two women was enjoyable to read. 
The pace of the novel is good, drawing the reader in and building suspense effortlessly.  Towards the end of the novel it becomes more of a speed read, the desperation to find out what happens in the end is intense.  
Despite there being no obvious clues as to what happens, the author has left little flags here and there for the budding detectives amongst the readers to try and piece together.  Cruelly, however many of these had me tangled up in knots and I was none the wiser.     
I loved the idea that Liddy was somehow haunted by a ghost, her obsession with Sasha taking over and I found it was difficult not to get caught up in the momentum of it, and I was desperate to know what happened to Sasha by the end

This is a brilliant psychological thriller, it’s gripping, it’s intense and it’s very well written.  I would thoroughly recommend it to fans of thrillers!  

You can buy a copy of Fear Dreams here.

About the Author:

J.A. (Joyce Anne) Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek. Words and story ideas are always teeming in her head – “a colorful place!” she says. She’s a wife, mother, and loves thrillers and medical thrillers. Once a Liberal Arts major (French and Spanish Literature), she has become increasingly fascinated with medicine and forensic science. Decades of being married to a physician who loves explaining medical concepts and reliving his experiences means that there’ll be medical angles even in “regular” thrillers that she writes.
For more information about Joyce Schneider, go to her website, or follow her on Twitter at @JoyceSchneider1

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