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Magical, heartbreaking, beautiful – Days of Wonder reminds us that stories have the power to save lives.

Tom, single father to Hannah, is the manager of a tiny local theatre. On the same day each year, he and its colourful cast of part-time actors have staged a fantastical production just for his little girl, a moment of magic to make her childhood unforgettable.

But there is another reason behind these annual shows: the very first production followed Hannah’s diagnosis with a heart condition that both of them know will end her life early. And now, with Hannah a funny, tough girl of fifteen on the brink of adulthood, that time is coming.

With the theatre under threat of closure, Hannah and Tom have more than one fight on their hands to stop the stories ending. But maybe, just maybe, one final day of magic might just save them both.

A tale about growing up, the beauty of a special bond between father and daughter, and finding magic in everyday life, Days of Wonder is the most moving novel you’ll read all year.

My Thoughts & Review:

There are the books that you read and fall in love with and then there are the book that you read and stay in your head and heart for a long time afterwards.  Days of Wonder is definitely a book in the latter category.

Having read Keith Stuart’s previous novel A Boy Made of Blocks, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible for me to appreciate his writing any more than I already did, but his second book really blew me away.  There’s something so magical and rich about the way that he writes that he makes the world around you cease to exist, almost like creating a wee portal for his readers to step through when they open his books.

Days of Wonder centres around the story of Hannah and her father Tom.  Hannah is a fifteen year old girl that desperately wants to be like every other fifteen year old girl, but she has a heart condition that means her father is incredibly protective and cautious about what she does and where she goes.  Tom is a single father and tries to battle the need to wrap Hannah in cotton wool to protect her, but he also realises that he needs to let her live a life, let her be young and do the things that young people do, before it’s too late.  Their relationship is one of openness and frank honesty on the most part.  There are the usual parental issues of trying to hide the dangers and horrors of the adult life from your children, or appearing like a fun sucking wet blanket, but on the whole Tom and Hannah work well together.
Hannah’s personality shining through when the narration is from her perspective, her attitude understandable and relatable.  Equally, when reading from Tom’s perspective, you get a wonderful insight into what drives this character and it really brings him alive from the pages.

The plot flows effortlessly, and the pace is perfect.  Despite being a fairly chunky read, I found that I breezed through it and didn’t want to put it down, I wanted to see if they could save Willow Tree Theatre, I want to see how events would pan out and most importantly I kept hoping for a miracle for them all.

Often, when you read such a poignant and moving story you feel a lump in your throat, or even the odd sniffle will escape as you encounter a particularly emotive moment, but I found that the depth emotions I felt reading this took me by surprise.  I laughed aloud at times, I snorted at Hannah’s retorts to her father, I felt frustration for characters as events unfolded, and I wept.  I said before that Keith Stuart has the ability to stop the world around you, but it’s more than that, it’s almost like he makes the book part of you, and you it.

A beautifully written, heartwarming story that will stay with me for some time and most definitely a book I will revisit soon!

Very highly recommended!!

You can buy a copy of Days of Wonder via:

Amazon UK
Book Depository


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