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A Ragbag of Riches Cover

** My thanks to Rachel for my copy of this & for inviting me to be part of the blog tour **



This collection of quips and quotes creates a book for the bower, the bedside, the bath and for browsing; a book at arm’s length from the deck chair, for the tedium of travel but above all for pleasure.

It is a haphazard collection: the Ragbag covering the rougher, even vulgar (but nevertheless witty) entries of graffiti, newspaper headlines and bumper stickers, the Riches being the poetry, prayers and prose of fine minds that inspire by their beauty, sincerity and sublime use of words. At the lower end, I love the astringency and ability of the authors to poke fun with the sharpness of a red-hot needle. At the top end, silver words and profound wisdom sometimes lead me to tears.

So I invite you to wallow or skip lightly. I hope there is something in this salmagundi to make you smile or catch the affections of your heart; to mingle quiet music with amiable irreverence.

My Thoughts & Review:

I’m fast becoming a fan of books like this, there’s something so enjoyable about a book that you can pick up at your leisure and read a page or two and take something new from it each time.  Combining witty quips, poems, obituaries, some wonderfully charming illustrations, this book is a journey through a collection of delights amassed by James Chilton over some fifty years.

Flicking through this at first glance there are many things that catch my eye, the clean layout, the drawings and the commentary notes on certain things.
Collective nouns are something I find interesting and so when I found a page with these on it I was pleasantly surprised.  There is a note about the source of this sort of information, the author mentioning that there are a number of books that have been published with exhaustive lists of these collective nouns and that these are some of the favoured ones.  I particularly liked “A Conspiracy of Ravens”, “A Flamboyance of Flamingos” and “A Prattle of Parrots” – such lovely alliteration.

The section on prayers was one that brought a chuckle, for having worked as a secretary many years ago I could find great humour in “A Prayer For Secretaries”, lines such as “And when the boss asks me to stay late to type a three page letter that absolutely must go out today and then he doesn’t sign it until tomorrow, please help me keep my mouth shut” definitely struck a chord.

Village names are also a fun section, my home town being known as Brokenwind or Somerset having such names as Mudford SockPuddletown, or Wyke Champflower.  Aren’t these just such wonderful words?

This is one of those books that’s perfect to pick up if you’re in the mood for a quite read, and it’s easy to read a few pages before noticing you’ve actually read an entire section!  The title couldn’t be more fitting, it really is a ragbag of riches and I suspect that this would make a wonderful gift.

I’ll leave you with a wonderful quote from Stephen Amidon, an American author and film critic “Fall asleep reading a good book and you enter a world of dreams; fall asleep in a film and you miss the end.”

You can buy a copy of A Ragbag of Riches via Amazon UK


About the Author:

A grandfather of nine and a father of four, James Chilton lives with his wife and two labradors in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. He holds diplomas in Architectural History from Oxford University, in Design and in Plantsmanship from The English Gardening School and a certificate in the Decorative Arts from the Victoria & Albert Museum. Perennially busy, James draws, sculpts, designs gardens and jewelry and is a member of Bart’s Choir. He also a member of the International Dendrology Society and has lectured at the Royal Geographical Society and in Oxford. His first book, The Last Blue Mountain, was published in 2015.

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