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Today on Celebrating Indie Publishing I’m giving a nod to the autumnal season and Halloween with a review of Cailleach Witch and an author feature with Jane Gilheaney Barry.

Cailleach Witch was published in August 2018 and is available to purchase now via Amazon UK.

Book Feature:




Dara Cleary and her sisters are returning to their childhood home in the west of Ireland, where the aunts still live.
Dara is seeking revenge for an incident that happened ten years earlier and was the reason for their leaving. But when they arrive they find a far bigger story waiting for them.
They are Bean Feasa, witches, bound to the Cailleach, a paranormal landscape witch.

Now is the time of reckoning, and Dara and her sisters must face formidable odds to complete their family’s quest for freedom. A beautifully lyrical and eerie tale, with touches of magic and an abiding sense of atmosphere and place. Jane Gilheaney Barry drives her cast of memorable women at lightning pace through the landscape and climate of Ireland’s wild west.


My Thoughts:

When I saw this book being spoken about on Social Media I immediately headed to Amazon to buy a copy, it sounded fascinating and just the read for Halloween!

This is a mixture of fairy tale, darkness, fantasy and thrills, all wrapped up in a plot that draws the reader in and holds their attention. The writing is packed with detail, atmosphere and some great characters. The characters feel incredibly real and it’s hard for readers not to feel a connection with them as their stories unfold, even with the ones who do wrong.

Cailleach Witch is the sort of book that would benefit from more than one reading to fully appreciate the subtleties, the atmosphere and really,  the story.
Jane has a gift when it comes to setting the scene, and vividly brings to life the small Irish town, she evokes great intrigue with mention of folklore and that makes this such a powerful and entrancing read. I’m trying to avoid saying much about the plot, I don’t want to give anything away and, this is truly a story that you want to discover on your own, at your own pace. And I think that readers will take away something different from this when they read it, whether it’s learning about ancient tales of witchcraft and magic, or appreciation of what has passed before or indeed give pause for thought about the ways in which humanity views those who may be “different”.

A rich and entrancing read that cannot help but connect with.

Author Feature:


Author image and bio from Amazon.co.uk

I’m Jane, author, creative enabler, rebel in chief and curator at creative lifestyle brand That Curious Love of Green. Your one stop shop for creative living. I hail from the north west of Ireland where I live, in a wonderful house, with my lovely husband Adrian, children, Sadhbh, Saoirse, Shaylyn, and assorted pets. I’m passionate about creativity, writing, houses, women, wild nature, and living life to the full. When it comes to writing fiction I love modern gothic, mystery, and all things witchy. Follow me at That Curious Love of Green.com and fb.


What’s your most favourite thing about being an author?

I’ve only been an author since September of this year and so far it has to be the sense of personal achievement, of a dream realised. And hearing from people who’ve read and loved the book so far.

What’s your least favourite thing about being an author?

I can’t think of anything! Publishing has been a steep learning curve so if anything maybe that.

If you could have written any book what would it be and why?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, or Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Can I throw in a series? Penny Dreadful. I wish it was it was a book so I could savour it. Brilliant writing, dark, mysterious, full of passion and furious longings.

How do you spend your time when you’re not wrapped up plotting your next book?

I want to say painting, drinking champagne, and having fascinating conversations with interesting people, but in reality it’s try and stay on top of everyday life without going mad. Managing a home and family is still the hardest job of them all. In my opinion. Aside from that I love taking photographs, creating content for my social pages, cooking, playing in my house i.e. pottering & decorating, and I spend as much time as I can in nature. I also read a colossal amount, at high speed. I need constant intellectual stimulation.

Do you have a set routine for writing?  Rituals you have to observe? I.e. specific pen, silence, day or night etc.

I have to write everyday or I’m miserable. At weekends it’s usually a social media post or two. Monday to Friday I write while the girls are at school. From about 9.30 to 2.30 I prefer to write in the mornings. I love silence for writing but I’ve trained myself to write without it. I like my surroundings to be clear and tidy if possible but when I’m in deep writing mode the house could fall and I wouldn’t notice.

What’s on the horizon?  What can your fans look forward to next?

A series of non-fiction books, one on creativity and creative living, and a guide for artists and writers on how to fall in love with marketing. Lots of writing and creativity workshops coming up and plans to do more of those in the new year. And the next novel. Not sure what it’s going to be yet. I’m waiting for the spark, the seed to get me started.

Can you tell me a little about your latest book?  How would you describe it and why should we go read it? 

I would describe Cailleach~Witch as a book for strong modern women, creative women, different, outsiders most likely. It’s for anyone who dreams of freedom. If you like a really fast-paced, atmospheric read, with touches of magic and wildness, then I’d say it’s for you. Even more if you like women, the sibling relationship, wild nature, and witches.

Finally, if you could impart one pearl of wisdom to your readers, what would it be?

If you feel you want to write don’t wait. It’s not too late and you don’t need any training. You just need to start, let yourself be a beginner, and create the habit. After that you have to trust the process and keep moving forward. And, don’t let the haters get you down.


Social Media Links:

Facebook: That Curious Love of Green by Jane Gilheaney Barry

Website:  www.http://thatcuriousloveofgreen.com


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