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Welcome along to another Friday, and another post to celebrate Indie Publishing, and this time it’s Elliott & Thompson in the spotlight!   Today I am delighted to share a book that indulges two great loves of mine – the love of words and humour.  “The Classic FM Musical Treasury” is a wonderfully humorous collection of words, somewhat eccentric in places that both entertains and informs the audience.



There are all sorts of people, events and sounds that exist in the musical world for which there are no words. We have been sadly  bereft of a satisfactory way to describe the contortion of a singer’s mouth when reaching for the high notes; the audience member who leaves a concert halfway through the grand finale; or that person who places one finger in their ear and raises their eyes heavenwards when they sing.

Tim Lihoreau neatly solves this problem in The Classic FM Musical Treasury. Having scoured the UK for place names with a musical bent, he has created a charming collection of humorously inventive, musically themed meanings. From choral singing to rock concerts, opera and orchestras, this quirky book will delight music fans everywhere.

My Thoughts & Review:

From the very moment I saw this book I was enchanted by the beautiful cover, it is so eye catching and colourful that I instantly felt drawn to it and was desperate to get reading.  Being a logophile (a lover of words), this is a book that appeals to me on many levels, there is the chance to learn new words, there the wonderful warmth of humour, but also there is the potential to utterly lose myself in the comforting swirl of language.  For instance, if you quickly open to a random page of this book you will come across a word or phrase that is completely foreign to you.  Page 39, “chetnole – a jazz singer with the craggy face of a gunslinger but the soulful voice of an angel”and from there my eye is drawn down the rest of the page and soon I’m 20 odd pages along before I realise that my cup of tea has gone cold, the husband has gone to bed and I’m sat on the sofa alone trying to fathom how to pronounce some of these wonderfully charismatic words and wondering where in the UK the associated town/village is located.

Although this is a charming and entertaining read, it’s perhaps not one that everyone would sit down with and read cover to cover in one sitting.  It’s one of those books I would suggest dipping in and out of, taking a nugget of information with you each time.  It will appeal to those who love language and it’s never ending possibilities, people who will find the humour woven through the pages delightful, music fans and those who will be keen to see if their location in the UK has made it on to this hefty list.

Tim Lihoreau writes in his introduction the thinking behind this collection, how this is his attempt at a “new – and not entirely serious (one might even say fictitious) musical language for our age” that pays homage to the towns, villages and habitable landscapes of the land.  And yes, this is a somewhat tongue in cheek book, I don’t expect that we will adopt “drumbuie” as the terminology for “the sound of timpani when the tuning pedal is being applied prior to a concert” but we can certainly appreciate the intended humour and wit that is applied here.  So if you’re interested in learning what an ” aberargie” is or even “woolfardisworthy” then this is the book for you – sit back, enjoy and laugh out loud as often as you need to!

Although publication date is 9th March, you can pre order a copy of “The Classic FM Musical Treasury” via Amazon here or Waterstones here

About the Author:

Tim Lihoreau is the presenter of the biggest breakfast show on commercial radio: Classic FM’s More Music Breakfast. Tim has won a multitude of awards for his radio writing and production on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as being the author of eleven books. His Modern Phobias has been translated into eleven languages. With a degree in music from the University of Leeds, he was a professional pianist before moving into radio. Along with his wife, he runs three amateur choirs in his home village in Cambridgeshire, where they live with their three children and four pianos.

For more information about Tim Lihoreau’s books see Elliott & Thompson’s website

My thanks to Elliott & Thompson, especially Alison Menzies for sending me a copy of this exquisite book to read, review and adore.


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