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  • Title: I Have Sinned
  • Authors: Caimh McDonnell
  • Publisher: McFori Ink
  • Publication Date: 23rd June 2019

Copy received from publisher for review purposes.


Nothing is ever easy.

Bunny McGarry has finally got a lead in his mission to find the Sisters of the Saint but the lead, one Father Gabriel de Marcos, isn’t willing to play ball. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Bunny has to put the padre under surveillance with a little help from some old friends. Father Gabriel runs a boxing club at the bad end of the Bronx, battling to keep kids out of gangs – noble, thankless work. Thing is, saints don’t typically have assassins sent after them. What sins are hidden in the padre’s mysterious past?

The Sisters of the Saint are many things but pushovers they ain’t. To regain their trust, Bunny must save the priest from the demons that are on his tail. Keeping the cantankerous priest alive would be difficult for anyone, never mind that Bunny has to resist the urge to kill him, himself. He has to manage all this while living under the rules that chill him to the very bone. No drinking. No swearing. No violence.

I Have Sinned is book two in the McGarry Stateside series, a continuation of the smash hit Dublin Trilogy which also featured Bunny McGarry. It melds high-octane action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit. 

My Thoughts:

I do love catching up with my favourite poteen swilling, expert swearer of an Irishman, and in Caimh McDonnell’s latest book to feature Bunny McGarry, fans of the character are in for a mega treat. Bunny is still n America, and still asking questions about where to find the Sisters of the Saint, and leaving chaos in his wake at times.

With McDonnell’s trademark dark humour and wit, the characters come alive to dramatically play out the story of Father Gabriel de Marcos and his boxing club run through his church in the Bronx. The children there don’t have the easiest of lives, and the danger posed by the various gangs vying for supremacy makes for a very tense community setting.
Father Gabriel is an odd character, and as the reader gets to know him better through his thoughts and interactions with others, it becomes clear there’s more to him that first meets the eye. The exchanges between him and Bunny are particularly brilliant, there is a natural humour that comes out with these two and I found that on several occasions I laughed out loud.

After their appearance in Angels in the Moonlight, I have been curious about the Sisters of the Saint and patiently awaiting their appearance in another book to find out more about them and their mission. McDonnell does not disappoint, the new faces that we meet in the convent are fantastically vibrant and buzzing with exciting energy. Getting to know these new characters and becoming reacquainted with older ones makes this such a thrilling read and the quick pace that the plot moves along with makes it almost impossible to put this down.

McDonnell seems to have found the right mix of humour and hard hitting themes that conveys the seriousness of each situation faced by his characters, whilst giving readers relief in the form of dark humour and wit. I don’t know how he does it, but he makes readers feel a deep sense of connection with characters they’ve only just met, you become invested in their fates and although some of the people around them may be a toxic influence, you still feel empathy for their heartaches, confusions etc.

A fantastic crime caper that ensures readers are kept on the edges of their seats, both with tension and by barely clinging to the cushions to save them falling onto the floor with laughter.

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