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This unique colouring book explores the beauty of Life Under The Lens. This book is both a field guide to the microscopic world and a therapeutic colouring book which aims to illuminate some of the findings of modern science and technology. It consists of 50 intricate pen and ink illustrations accompanied by written descriptions of the each organism. Colouring artists and students are invited to colour the filamentous strands of photosynthetic cyanobacteria, overlapping plates of marine coccolithophores and shade the armoured exoskeleton of crustacean larvae. The illustrations are stylised and highly decorated for the colourist while visually communicating the structure and biological functions of the organisms. It takes the colourist to the unobservable, a world beyond the limits of our own vision.

My Thoughts & Review:

Colouring books are something that I’ve often picked up and enjoyed, granted most of the ones I seem to get near at the moment seem to be filled with Paw Patrol or Care Bears…So the idea of a colouring book just for me seemed like such a treat.

Life Under The Lens is a beautifully illustrated book which is both enjoyable and informative.  There are images of cells, creatures, bacteria etc along with information about them to give the audience context about the illustration and in a way guide your colour choice if you wish to remain true to nature.  I did however colour freely for some images, preferring to colour my image of Volvox in purples and blues.
The intricate details of each image are utterly awe inspiring, I found that with each new page I turned I stopped for a moment or two just to appreciate the artwork.  The descriptions on each page were informative and interesting, I felt that I had learned something new and fascinating from this book whilst allowing my creativity to flow freely.
One or two of the illustrations reminded me of Biology class at academy, where we had to copy cell images from text books to colour and annotate, and I wonder if a resource like this might be quite useful for budding scientists at school.

I’d definitely recommend this to colouring book fans, it’s something a little different from the norm but the images are crisp and enticing.  I did recommend it to a few nurse friends who are colouring fans, and they were intrigued by the idea of the book, one remarking she’d not seen anything like it before and would definitely buy a copy.

You can buy a copy via Amazon

About the Creator:

Jennifer Delaney has spent 15 years teaching Mathematics in rural Donegal, Ireland.  She has a background in Marine Science and is a self-trained illustrator.  She uses both art and science as a means to investigate and make sense of the world in which we live.  She shares her love of art, science and nature with her husband and four young children.



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