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When Colin discovers his son is on a murder charge in France, he trails his small boat, The Dragonfly , across the channel to stay in Paris to try and help him. There he meets his grand-daughter the irrepressible Delphine for the first time. They embark on an exciting boat journey through the picturesque French canals, heading south through Burgundy, until the butter melts. Along the way, they catch up with Tyler, a spirited American, and through various mishaps and misunderstandings, they land big fish, cultivate new loves and uncover a burning secret. But can Colin finally help his son get off the hook?

My Thoughts & Review:

This was a book that I read on holiday and was lost for words when it came to writing a review.  It’s such a captivating book following Colin and his boat The Dragonfly as they travel the canals of France after receiving a letter informing him that his estranged son has committed murder.  Colin is desperate to find out why his son has acted so out of character and travels to France to try and  help him.

Colin’s arrival in France is bittersweet, the circumstances that have brought him there have also brought him face to face with the granddaughter he’s never met, Delphine.  As complete strangers they start out their journey along the French waterways, Dephine finding she  must speak in English so that her grandfather can understand her.  The relationship and bond that forms between the two steadily grows in this heart warming tale.  I really don’t want to say too much about the details of the plot and so this book an injustice, it’s not one that should be spoiled.

The French backdrop is beautifully described, and there’s a great depth to this book, the story flows easily from the pages and captures the heart of the reader.

This is a book that it’s taken so long to write a review for, so many times I thought of what to write for I could never quite capture the right words to explain what I loved so much about this book, it really is quite a special book and one that needs to be read to be appreciated.

You can buy a copy of “The Dragonfly” via Amazon

My thanks to Kate Dunn for the opportunity to read a copy of The Dragonfly, it’s reserved a special place in my library.

Author Feature: b1tzuqkbers-_ux250_

Kate Dunn has had five books published, two novels: Rebecca’s Children and The Line Between Us as well as three works of non fiction, Always and Always — The Wartime Letters of Hugh and Margaret Williams, Exit through the Fireplace and Do Not Adjust Your Set. She has written travel articles for various national newspapers and has broadcast on Radios Two, Three and Four including regular contributions to Front Row. She worked for ten years as an actress and has a PhD in Drama from Manchester University. Her third novel The Dragonfly will be published by Aurora Metro in March 2017.


What’s your most favourite thing about being an author?

The writing process itself.  Sitting in my shed looking down the hill over other people’s gardens, thinking really hard.  Sometimes sinking deep into your imagination is almost transcendental.  I like the process of disappearing from the world like that, but also surfacing at the end of an intense day to find that everything is as it was.  The pursuit of the perfect phrase.

What’s your least favourite thing about being an author?

I’m lucky enough to have an amazing agent, Laura Longrigg, who has been both a shield and an inspiration, but even in spite of her protection and encouragement the process of finding a publisher is incredibly stressful.  There’s a phrase for the kind of letters you receive – the rave rejection – and I’ve had a few of those.  However, the fact that The Dragonfly has found a fantastic home at Aurora Metro, who are a small independent publisher with a really personal touch, feels even sweeter.

If you could have written any book what would it be and why?

I think I would like to have written A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews.  She’s a Canadian writer who draws quite closely on her own experience and she has an extraordinary knack for describing the most harrowing events and putting  a comic spin on them at the same time.  Her novels are brittle and incredibly beautiful, with all kinds of interesting tensions running beneath the surface.  I love her work and would read anything she has written.  I’m awash with admiration.

How do you spend your time when you’re not wrapped up plotting your next book?

My husband and I are lucky enough to own a small riverboat in France and we spend as much time as we can racketing around the French canals.  It’s 95% blissful relaxation and 5% white knuckle terror.  In fact, the inspiration for The Dragonfly came from some of the adventures we have had, which perhaps goes to show that as a writer you’re never not thinking about your next book!

Do you have a set routine for writing?  Rituals you have to observe? I.e. specific pen, silence, day or night etc.

I tried to write in the morning when I’m freshest, and I use the afternoons for gainful employment such as copyrighting or freelance editing, both of which I enjoy and find can complement my own work.  I don’t have much of a ritual, although for every book I write I have a dedicated note book where I jot down ideas and keep a kind of writing diary, so I can chart the development of the story.  Oh yes, and silence – crucial.

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