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** My thanks to Emma at damppebbles and Chris at Fahrenheit Press for my copy of this book and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour **



Dan Groves is a television reporter newly assigned to the crime beat and not at all happy about it.

Dan knows next nothing about police work or how to report on it, so when he persuades Detective Chief Inspector Adam Breen to allow him to shadow a high-profile murder inquiry it seems like the perfect solution. Sadly for Dan it soon becomes clear some members of the police force have no intention of playing nice with the new boy.

With his first case Dan is dropped in at the deep-end. A man is killed in a lay-by with a blast through the heart from a shotgun. The victim is notorious local businessman Edward Bray, a man with so many enemies there are almost too many suspects for the police to eliminate.

As tensions rise Dan comes close to being thrown off the case until the detectives realise that far from being a liability, Dan might actually be the key to tempting the murderer into a trap.

The TV Detective is the first book in a classic crime series from Simon Hall, who until recently was the BBC Crime Correspondent for the Devon and Cornwall area.

My Thoughts & Review:

I do love a crime thriller that veers away from the typical mould and The TV Detective does exactly that.  The lead investigative character in this book is a journalist who up until recently was happy covering stories about nature and the outdoors, but a new assignment to crime completely throws him into the deep end.

Some quick and ingenious thinking sees journalist Dan Groves liaising with Detective Chief Inspector Adam Breen and his team on the murder of much hated local business man Edward Bray, a baptism of fire for Dan as he grapples to learn the ropes of police work and limitations of evidence.

This is a case that twists with no shortage of suspects, but the evidence never seems to point the detectives in a true direction.  And as the investigation opens up, it soon becomes clear that the team have their work cut out for them.  Edward Bray was a much hated man, and it would appear that years of his despicable actions left many connected with him aggrieved and out for vengeance if the opportunity ever presented itself.
By using a journalist as the leading character, the investigation opens up for readers, allowing them to experience the case as it moves along, the typical police procedural path being ignored for a more exciting and interesting route in storytelling.

The depiction of Dan Groves is an interesting one, readers see hints towards a troubled past, something haunts him and lingers in the shadows of his mind and readers can only guess what taunts him on his dark days but it’s clear that he has found a way to live with his past.  The relationship, bond, companionship … whatever you want to call it, that develops between Groves and Breen is interesting, the characters work well together and despite initial issues between their professions.

The plotting is clever and slick, the readers are kept very much in the dark about the who and why, Simon Hall only revealing details when he’s ready to shock the audience after lulling them into a false sense of security.

An interesting and enjoyable read in what I hope is the first of a long series!

You can buy a copy of The TV Detective via:

Fahrenheit Press (Publisher)
Amazon UK


About the Author:

Simon Hall is an author and journalist.

He has been a broadcaster for twenty five years, mostly as a BBC Television and Radio News Correspondent, covering some of the biggest stories Britain has seen.

His books – the tvdetective series – are about a television reporter who covers crimes and gets so involved in the cases he helps the police to solve them. Seven have been published.

Simon has also contributed articles and short stories to a range of newspapers and magazines, written plays, and even a pantomime.

Alongside his novels and stories, Simon is a tutor in media skills and creative writing, teaching at popular Writers’ Summer Schools such as Swanwick and Winchester, on cruise ships and overseas.

Simon has also become sought after as a speaker, appearing at a variety of prestigious literary festivals. His talks combine an insight into his writing work, along with some extraordinary anecdotes from the life of a television reporter, including the now notorious story of What to do when you really need a dead otter.

Now 49 years old, he began a broadcasting career as a DJ on the radio and in nightclubs, then moved into radio and TV news. He worked in Europe, London, Ireland, and the south west of England, before settling in Cambridge.

Simon is married to Jess, Director of Libraries at the University of Cambridge, and has an adopted daughter, Niamh. She’s an army officer, which makes her father both very proud and very nervous.

Simon lectures on careers in the media at Cambridge University, and in schools and colleges. Amongst his proudest achievements, he includes the number of young people he has helped into jobs in broadcasting, and aspiring writers into publication.

As for his likes, Simon lists beer – he judges at real ale festivals – cycling the countryside, solving cryptic crosswords, composing curious Tweets (find him @thetvdetective ) and studying pop lyrics.

For more on Simon, see his website – www.thetvdetective.com

Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimonHallNews
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Simon-Hall/e/B0034Q7NPC/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1523989492&sr=1-1
Website: www.thetvdetective.com

TV Detective

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