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Hello and happy Friday!  And you all know what Friday brings, yes,  its time to share another post to celebrate Indie Publishing and this time it’s Elliott & Thompson in the spotlight!   Today I have a review of What’s Your Bias? The Surprising Science of Why We Vote the Way We Do by Lee De-Wit.



Pundits, pollsters and politicians are queuing up to tell us, but do they really know? More importantly, do we really know?

Psychologists have been studying how we make political decisions for years, and the truth is we’re a lot less rational than we think we are; sometimes we vote for reasons we’re not even consciously aware of.

Delving into the science and psychology of politics, What’s Your Bias? gets under the skin to reveal what really drives us – whichever way we vote. In this absorbing book, psychologist and neuroscientist Lee de-Wit explores the subtle – and often surprising – factors that could be influencing our votes, from our personality traits and unconscious biases to our susceptibility to campaign targeting and fake news.

Whether we’re debating nationalism, immigration, welfare or equality, psychology can help us to better understand the decisions we make in modern politics. If you want to know more about yourself, your friends and family, or the bigger political picture, this is essential reading.

My Thoughts & Review:

This is a book that jumped out at me after reading the blurb, I’m not sure why really as it’s not something I would normally pick up and I tend to leave books that are more politically based alone, but there was something about this book that grabbed my attention enough to make me want to give it more attention.

From the opening pages this takes on a easy to read stance, the author stating “I’m not intending to offer an academic overview of political psychology…” helped to allay my worries that this would turn out to be “too high brow” for me to understand or enjoy.
I found this to be quite a thought provoking read, and regularly pulled my head out of the book to quote passages to my (long suffering) husband, finding that some sparked interesting debate between us or gave information on things we’d wondered about but never thought to research personally.
The chapter titled “Silent Majority” was one that I read with much interest, voting turn out is always something I look at when election results have been declared – for no other reason than it fascinates me.  I enjoyed that the author wrote from personal perspective throughout this book but especially in this chapter.  “One of the most common explanations for low vote turnout is that people are lazy or apathetic.  As a psychologist, I struggle with this explanation.”  This gave me the impression that the author actually cared about the research carried out and  wanted to address misconceptions as well as expand upon the psychology of the politics being discussed.

Breaking down the science behind voting makes this quite informative and does give great food for thought, and offers information to help understand the concept of nationalism from the perspective of those who support it.  It won’t necessarily change your mind about it, but it might just help you see the idea from another angle.
It is interesting to see that the author chooses to give examples from both UK and American politics to emphasise his points or illustrate them, there have been plenty instances both sides of the Atlantic Ocean recently.

I would say this is a good book to start with if you want to look into the psychology of politics and voting, it certainly offers plenty to facts to whet the appetite of the audience.

You can buy a copy of What’s Your Bias? The Surprising Science of Why We Vote the Way We Do via:

Book Depository

My thanks to Elliott & Thompson, especially Alison Menzies for sending me a copy of this book to read and enjoy.


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